In the designer-driven fashion world, it is easy to follow the pack, to buy the brands that are cool to be seen in, to be associated with and are easily recognized. But what about a fashion brand that is born of passion, of freedom, of creativity, style, and innovation? A brand that believes that Asian heritage is to be celebrated and promoted whilst serving the global community with ethical and sustainable products and processes through a range of affordable eyewear?

A SOCIETY is the result of the coalition of our founders’ experience of and passion for the eyewear market. As passionate entrepreneurs, we have achieved our dream to launch a world-class brand that encompasses industry-leading designs and superior craftsmanship with first-class materials and outstanding customer service. The first of the product range proudly carrying our logo is sunglasses that offer eyewear for Asian faces.

By operating production entirely in-house and working with highly creative and motivated designers, we are leading the way when it comes to being proof that high quality doesn’t need to carry a high price tag, offering savvy consumers prices previously unheard of in the designer sunglasses market.

However, our brand is not without the motivation of a more personal origin. Staying true to our background, and respecting our Asian heritage is close to both our hearts and souls. Engrained within our mission is the aim to bring value to the community. Our internal working practices are eco-friendly and socially conscious whilst externally we actively support dedicated charities. Quality, when combined with an honest soul, pure motivations and a desire to contribute in an honest and responsible to the society outside of our own brand, can come at an affordable price that excludes no one and promotes self-expression and appreciation.

Our resulting brand offers luxury lifestyle products that are accessible, build a community and tell the story of the individuals who use them. Products are made with a vintage feel, bring some street credit, and brings out people’s personalities whilst always keeping in mind the uniqueness of the Asian face.  

By consulting with some of the most creative people in Asia, from street artists to beatboxers, DJ’s to dancers, we’ve developed a range of sunglasses that encompass the latest in design features and quality materials to ensure wearers are expressing their individualism through their frame choice. A fan of the classics? Our aviator sunglasses are a nod to the endless wear-ability of a design legend. Maybe you enjoy the anonymity offered by oversized sunglasses or the statement oval sunglasses can make about your unique outlook? Whatever your motivation, we encourage and celebrate you all.

We realise our savvy customers only expect the best, so whatever your frame choice, you can be assured that everything from our secure online ordering and premier customer service, to our high-quality metal frames, mirrored UV protection grade lenses and smart leather case and premium gift box, will delight the recipient - whether a gift for another or a treat for oneself.

Join us – we want our journey to inspire yours to build A (better) SOCIETY.

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