“We Go Berzerka Explode into Life” is a performance reflecting societal and personal progression, a journey of discovering one’s voice, coinciding with a decade of creative output by Josie and The Uni Boys.

Another episode in Josie’s continued defiance against expectations – fusing theatrical elements with rock and roll, from dress to makeup, drawing inspiration to the greats whom also walked a path less traveled. Josie and The Uni Boys also paid performance homage from Ziggy Stardust, an alter-ego of David Bowie; Indie rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs; Japanese Diva Yamaguchi Momoe and Chinese icon Teresa Tang. A hard rocker for more than 20 years, Josie casually carries her rock and roll persona in all its weightlessness – delivering her signature and timely humor that never ceases to evoke joy from friends and fans alike.

Instead of injecting emotions into the show – by enlisting theatre veteran Jimmy Lee and multimedia designer John Wong, the light and sounds aims at invoking synesthesia and removing the audience from normal boundaries – to a temporal plane of elevated sensations, accompanied by the raw voice and sounds of the band. In a carefully choreographed setting, the band either appears in front or disappears behind a veil of projections – with graphics, slogans and lines replacing silhouettes of people. The show could be interpreted as an art installation as much as an audio journey.

The shock value and energy of Josie may draw question to its source – seemingly unlimited – the only answer is Josie’s continued journey to her self-empowerment, only by intensive introspective exploration and outward expression can she continuously rediscover a reason to fall forward and do it at all. True rebels at heart with something to say – Josie and The Uni Boys are never one to compromise within boundaries.

As a tongue-in-cheek gesture to the audience, kaleidoscope glasses and motion sickness bags were distributed to the audience, to amplify the literal dazzling experience.

A SOCIETY is dedicated to the support of artists and their creative journeys. To celebrate the Asia tour of Josie and The Uni Boys, the band collaborated with A SOCIETY for a limited run of sunglasses aptly titled “Explode into Life”.

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Josie Ho Explode Into LifeJosie Ho Explode Into LifeJosie Ho Explode Into Life

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