RAW Series

Lustrous, Strong, Natural Titanium Frames

Explore our unfinished, raw titanium series. Contemporary frames fused with bold hue lenses form together to create an eyewear collection like no other.

After visiting the Spanish Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, our in-house French designer became inspired by the smooth curves, clean lines of the iconic Frank Gehry design. This lead to further exploration of architectural uses of the titanium; favoured for its durability, strength, lightness, and ability to be shaped into new contemporary forms. The decision to leave the titanium unfinished was not accidental; by keeping the finishing to a minimum, it gives the collection a unique and luxurious quality that celebrates the natural material whilst creating the perfect synergy between the bold design and the titanium itself. The use of coloured lenses, adds further contrast against the lustrous titanium, without adding too much distraction. Inspired by the ever changing shades of the skies, which echoes Gehry’s museum exterior that alters in colours depending on the time of the day. 

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