The Industrial Revolution of the early 1900’s gave rise to the concept of factory-styled mass production to meet the ever increasing demands of consumerism spurred on by the growing middle-class in the West. Asia was quick to follow suit, but rapidly took the concept to the next level with countries like China ultimately dominating the production globally.

As factories that never slept churned out average-quality products to meet the global demands, small artisanal businesses and skilled craftsmen lost their ability to make a living. It wasn’t long before the world realised that in the pursuit of materialistic gains, some of the greatest skills and arts were lost forever. Jaguars and Ferraris built from the ground up, handsewn leather crafts that gave birth to some of the biggest luxury brands today, wheel-thrown pottery so delicate yet so beautiful; are just a snippet of arts that the machines and mega-factories reduced to meaninglessness.

But today, there is a strong revival for all things handmade, customised and artisanal. From barista-created coffees to handsewn furniture and forge-smelted steelcraft; the sophisticated consumer of the 21st century has brought it all back.

A SOCIETY stands at the forefront of this revolution in the area of eyewear. Not content to join the flurry of mass production driven by rabid consumerism, A SOCIETY has taken a stand for quality and individualised craftsmanship.

The inception of an A SOCIETY design begins in hands of the passionate in-house artists whose only goal is to create works of art, inspired by the Asian heritage. The designs, tested and critiqued by a discerning panel, make their way to manufacturing tables in factories owned by the label itself.

The highest grade of materials are then melded together to bring the work of art to life in its physical form. German-made screws with polymer coatings ensure that hinges remain smooth and exquisite to the touch while the finest titanium and stainless steel alloys are woven into intensely durable and versatile frames that are guaranteed to last for years. From a trademarked mixture of polycarbonates and nylon emerges a lens that complements the highly sustainable frame with its shatter resistant and scratch resistant properties.

Hand-assembled and fitted into a case built to enhance the characteristics of each finished sunglasses, it is only then that an A SOCIETY product is finally ready to meet the discerning buyer at a value for price that is second to none.

The Counter Revolution of industrialisation

The Counter Revolution of industrialisation

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